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Songs for your Study Session

The Start of Something

Hello and welcome to my first of many music playlists. Before I kick off this series I’d just like to point out that I listen to a wide range of genres, so if this one isn’t your thing, check back for more to come! I’ll be curating playlists suited to a variety of moods and activities, from road trip jams to pop punk guilty pleasures to r&b throwbacks and everything in between. 


Essays & Easy Listening

When it comes to studying, creating a stress-free environment is essential. I usually come equipt with my laptop and notes, a good drink, light snack, and blanket, all within a well-lit room. I tend to find myself studying at home in complete silence, but lately I’ve been testing out different settings. Waves Coffee House is my newest study hub. Every Saturday, my slaves-to-the-university-life friends and I reserve a secluded table in the back and study our butts off for as long as we can. After realizing I could do my homework just as successfully in a coffee shop as I can at home, I decided to test out another new element in my study sessions. I found that listening to background music really helps me to collect and focus my thoughts. It’s the perfect remedy to keep me motivated and on track, without actually distracting me.

So here it is! A mix of some of my go-to study session songs. I selected songs without words (for the most part) as this works best for me. If you also listen to music while you study, I hope you enjoy and maybe find this playlist useful!


Play Me 

Can you name the classic Christmas movie featured at the beginning of the song Bedford Falls? I watch it every year!

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